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Perompak paling lawak

Inilah akibatnya bila kita alpa akan keselamatan harta benda dan diri

Perompak mati ditembak polis

Inilah akibatnya apabila perompak kantoi dengan polis.

Tergempar ! Ikan paus terdampar di tengah alam

Haiwan sebesar triler muncul selepas taufan haiyan

[Shock]Toilet scary ghost caught on tape !

643,098 views since 50 minutes ago

[Live]Lion chasing civilians.Better run !

556,049 views since 27 minutes ago

What you do when saw a hitman in elevator?

360,990 views since 36 minutes ago

This is what happen when girl try to be like man

especially for girls out there

What he saw ?

Chameleon was frightened by Iphone

When Dog Stay Alone With Cat

The truth story when dog meet cat

Raja Bomoh MH370 Caught on Fire !

Shock ! 2 Cheetah Killed Instantly

Shock ! Snake Shallow Big Crocs

Watch how small snake eat crocodile that bigger than him.

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